The Time Machine

Author: H. G. Wells

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Publisher Prints Publications Pvt Ltd
Publication Year 2023
ISBN-13 9789394791350
Binding Paper back
Number of Pages 87 Pages
Language English
Edition 1st
Dimension (Inches) 5.5"*8.5"
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Subject Classic Fiction
Category Fiction

The Time Machine is a science fiction novella by H. G. Wells, written as a frame narrative. The work is generally credited with the popularization of the concept of time travel by using a vehicle that allows an operator to travel purposely and selectively forwards or backwards in time. The story goes like this: So, begins the Time Traveller’s astonishing firsthand account of his journey 800,000 years beyond his own era. With a speculative leap that still fires the imagination, Wells sends his brave explorer to face a future burdened with our greatest hopesand our darkest fears. A pull of the Time Machine lever propels him to the age of a slowly dying Earth. There he discovers two bizarre races, who not only symbolize the duality of human nature, but also offer a terrifying portrait of the men of tomorrow. Wells’ expert storytelling and provocative insight into the book will continue to enthrall readers for generations to come.

H. G. Wells

Born in Bromley in Kent, England, Herbert George “H. G.” Wells (1866-1946) has been called the father of science fiction. His most notable works include the War of the Worlds (1897), the Time Machine (1895), the Invisible Man (1897), and the Island of Doctor Moreau (1896). Wells also wrote on topics related to history and social commentary and was involved in politics for much of his life. Novels like Kipps and the History of Mr. Polly, which describe lower-middle-class life, led to the suggestion that he was a worthy successor to Charles Dickens. After living through two World Wars and seeing Orson Welles’ broadcast of the War of the Worlds strike panic in listeners, Wells died in London on August 13, 1946. The Invisible Man remains a remarkable work of science fiction, revealing the destructive effects science can have on humanity.

I Introduction. 5
II The Machine 10
III The Time Traveller Returns . 14
IV Time Travelling 19
V In the Golden Age 24
VI The Sunset of Mankind 29
VII A Sudden Shock 34
VIII Explanation . 40
IX The Morlocks 50
X When Night Came 55
XI The Palace of Green Porcelain 61
XII In the Darkness 67
XIII The Trap of the White Sphinx 73
XIV The Further Vision 76
XV The Time Traveller’s Return 81
XVI After the Story. 83
  Epilogue 87

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