Prints Publications is one of the most recognized and trusted name as an Exporter of Indian Publications. Since 1966, Our Company has steadily worked its way up in the value chain as the most reliable source of literary and research materials for clients across the globe, acknowledged by the increasing list of libraries, research institutions, scholars, and individuals who have continuously patronized and availed our services on an increasingly regular basis. It owes its efforts to professionalism and total customer orientation evolving into an unmatched level of growth and reputation in the industry, both in India as well as globally. The exceptional performance and high standards set are continuously maintained by our Company and has enabled us to win many awards for quality and export performance from many organizations, including prestigious awards from the Government of India.

Prints Publications has been the most trusted entity for sourcing Indian Publications globally like Books, Journals, Newspapers, Magazines and educational resources.

Prints Publications has actively exported Indian Publications to over 100 countries and represent over 5000 publishers. Some of the major regions covered are Africa, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Europe, North America, and South America.

The company boasts of winning multiple prestigious awards for Quality and Export Performance from Capexil, the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Government of India.

Our Worldwide coverage

America & Europe have been our main market since the mid-1970s and we have an unrivalled record there. We have also developed significant business in Asian, Gulf, and African countries.

Bookselling with added value

Though we are best known as a consolidator and supplier of books, we also excel at managing huge shipments, intricate paperwork, and other related tasks.

Dedicated journal supply unit

An Indian journal consolidation service is one of the many services provided by Prints Publications. We can also facilitate combined and online subscriptions in any format and across any publishing medium, including online and combined subscriptions.

International tenders

Tendering for international and national contracts is a key part of our business. Recent contracts include the supply of books, journals, ebooks, and educational resources.

International schools

While books have always been an important part of our service to international schools, we have expanded our experience and expertise in areas such as equipment, technology, and online services in recent years.

Trade process and documentation

The team at Prints Publications is fully trained in the export documentation and requirements of all major licenses and approvals required in the countries where it exports.

Consolidation and Shipping

Prints Publications diversified logistics channels incorporate distribution to several countries, including a few with particularly rigorous regulations. Our ties to specialised shipping brokers and transport companies are quite solid, which makes this possible. We offer shipments right from the express courier, air freight, sea freight, and postal solutions.

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