FOUNDER: Chandu Lal Gupta (19 March 1921 – 2 November 2004)

Arya Samaji | Businessman | RSS Activist | Globe Trotter | Philanthropist |

Shri Chandu Lal Gupta Ji believed in the philosophy of ‘Simple Living, High Thinking’ and always stood with people in times of need and was also a strong promoter of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya and a life member of Iskcon. His avid love for travelling took him across the world, but he never lost touch with his humble upbringing and had a strong belief in the virtues of a simple life.

Shri C.L. Gupta was a people’s person. He strategically distributed his time between business and social activities including service to humanity at large. He dedicated his time in helping the poor and needy for their upliftment and education. He would often say “Knowing that I’ve brought a smile to someone’s face helps me sleep better”.

A celebrated graduate of the Hans Raj College, Delhi University, C.L. Gupta was born on March 19th, 1921. He studied economics and statistics at the graduate level and went on to complete a double master’s (in mathematics & economics).

Mr Gupta worked in companies like DCM & Modi Mills as an accountant while pursuing his graduation & post-graduation. He joined the defence ministry before the independence as a clerk and was later promoted a couple of times to become a senior-level officer. This was not sufficient to satiate the potential and ambition of Mr C.L. Gupta as while working in the ministry he founded Prints Publications with a keen eye for business and laid a solid bedrock on which the company thrives even today.

Under his guidance, the firm was able to amass a sizable clientele that ascended national borders, and with whom, it has maintained a loyal, mutually beneficial relationship for decades. In accordance with God's will, he ascended to heaven on November 2nd, 2004.

Former Managing Director: Vijay Kumar Gupta (20th May 1953 - 2nd October 2015)

The talented son of Shri Chandu Lal Ji, many called him the exact opposite of his father. Flamboyant, royal in his appeal and the style of a Bollywood star, he loved living life king-size. He studied at a public school in Delhi and completed his graduation from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Delhi University.

He started his career under the extremely able guidance of his father and then took the family business to the next heights by adopting digital in its very nascent stage and setting up the publishing business in the form of MD Publications in remembrance of his mother (Mishri Devi) in 1990.

He worked tirelessly to take Prints Publications to new heights on domestic and international fronts. His visionary thinking, innovative management techniques, and singular abilities benefited the business and continue to drive our contemporary business methods and ethos even today. He had an unwavering passion for exploration and was always looking to extend his company's footprint and reputation into new foreign markets. There's no doubt that he was phenomenally successful in every endeavour he undertook around the globe.

Director: Pratyush Gupta

Pratyush Gupta got his start in the industry at a young age, learning from his father, Vijay Kumar Gupta and elder brother Pranav Gupta all there is to know about the publishing and export business. He is the modern vision of the company in the 21st century and has continued to help the firm become one of the frontrunners in the publishing business in India. Actively involved in running the company, he also represents Prints Publications at prominent international trade shows.

Managing Director: Pranav Gupta

With 16 years of experience under his belt, Pranav Gupta has risen to the position of Managing Director of Prints Publications and has conquered the considerable feat of establishing his name in the Indian publishing sphere. Inspiration for his business ventures comes from his family's history, which he has carried on for generations. This has allowed him to launch many ground-breaking projects throughout the world. Such pioneering endeavours of his also stem from the fact that Pranav had already toured 20 countries by the time he was 20.

In his current roles as Secretary-General for IRRO and Joint Secretary for The Federation of Indian Publishers, he is driven by a desire to elevate Indian publishing to new heights. He has worked tirelessly to strengthen the online presence of these enterprises, and as a result, a spate of innovative events has been organised under his direction to promote distinct organisations while also fostering fruitful connections between them. His extensive travels broadened his perspective on the publishing world and honed his expertise, allowing him to lead the organisation to new heights.

Another feather in Pranav's cap: he was just chosen to serve on the Executive Committee of the International Publishers Association (IPA). Who his credit, he is among the minority of publishers to have fully embraced the opportunities presented by digitalisation and technology, resulting in the creation of a number of successful businesses. Additionally, he acts as an ambassador for the businesses Prints Publications, Buy Books India, Advit Toys, OMLogic, Frontlist Media, PragatiE, and Solh Wellness. His well-rounded industry exposure and experience have led to Pranav being a frequent speaker at national and international events. Furthermore, a number of newspapers, journals, and magazines have published his articles.

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