Nagarlok - Quarterly Journal of Urban Affairs

Published in Association with Indian Institute of Public Administration

Current Volume: 55 (2023 )

ISSN: 0027-7584

Periodicity: Quarterly

Month(s) of Publication: March, June, September & December

Subject: Social Science


Nagarlok, a quarterly journal of Urban Affairs, is recognised under the UGC- Care list Group 1. It emphasis research and scholarly analysis on a range of urban themes: Urban life, metropolitan systems, city regions, urban planning and development, urban infrastructure, urban economy, urban environment and sustainability and urban policy. With a cutting-edge approach to linking theoretical development and empirical research, NAGARLOK encompasses key material from an unparalleled ranged of critical, comparative and geographic perspectives.

Director General, IIPA and Editor
Surendra Nath Tripathi

Joint Editor
Kusum Lata

Associate Professor
(Urban and Regional Planning) CUS,
IIPA, New Delhi

V.N. Alok

Professor, Urban Finance
IIPA, New Delhi

P.S.N. Rao

Professor, Housing School of Planning and Architecture
New Delhi

Charru Malhotra

Professor, e-Governance & ICT IIPA,
New Delhi

O.P. Mathur

Professor, Urban Governance Institute of Social Sciences
New Delhi

Sachin Chowdhry

Associate Professor
Public Administration IIPA,
New Delhi

K.K. Pandey

Professor, Urban Management IIPA,
New Delhi

Amit Singh

Assistant Professor
Urban Development IIPA,
New Delhi

Hitesh Vaidya

Director, NIUA

Copy Editor
Usha Jha


Volume 55 Issue

Instruction to the Author

This is intended as a guide for authors submitting a manuscript to NAGARLOK and as an aid to the preparation of the final copy of accepted articles.

• Manuscript should be in MS Word format. This should include the name, email ID and the institutional affiliation of the author(s).
• Manuscripts in English should use British spelling and typographical conventions.
• The maximum word limit is 6000 words only (all inclusive).

• There should be no line spaces between paragraphs.
• Notes should be listed at the end of the main text.
• Manuscripts should be typed in Times New Roman, font size 12, each page numbered.

Punctuation and Abbreviations
• Single quotation marks should be used to enclose actual quotes from other sources or for technical terms when they are first introduced. On subsequent mention of technical terms, no quotation marks should be used. Excessive use of quotation marks should be avoided.
• Double quotation marks are used to enclose quotes within text which is itself quoted.
• Latin abbreviations such as ‘i.e.’ or ‘e.g.’ are acceptable only in expressions within parentheses, as here: ‘adjectives which collocate with fare (e.g. wholesome, simple, country) ...’ Elsewhere, they should be replaced by their English equivalents, ‘that is’ or ‘for example’. Italic should not be used for such abbreviations or for such common Latin expressions as ‘ad hoc’, et al., etc.
• Numbers up to 9 and vaguely expressed numbers should be spelled out in words. However, any numbers in a statistical context, precise numbers, units of measurement, and numbers above 100 should be stated in figures.

Table and Figures
• Every table should be given a number and brief title or caption set above the body of the table and source at the bottom.
• Figures are also given a number and a caption, set above the body of the figure and source at the bottom.
• Avoid such expressions as ‘In the following table ...’, As can be seen in the figure above ...’ In the printed version these elements may need to be repositioned due to constraints of page layout, always after the first mention of the Table or Figure number in the text.
• Source of figures should be given at the end of the table.
• All the figures should be conducive for monochromatic printing. • Instead of using shades of black, use patterns.
• The legend boxes should be big enough so that pattern is clearly visible.

Text References
• Page references should be provided when reference is made to a specific passage in a book or article. These appear after the date of publication and are preceded by a colon and a single space: Jefferson (1996: 296- 299) or Cowie (1999: 79).
• All works cited in the running text must be listed in the reference section at the end of the text.
• The reference section should include only those works that were cited in the text. Whenever possible, please give the full first names of authors and editors.

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