National Security

ISSN: 2581-9658
e-ISSN: 2581-9658 (o)
Subject: Political Science & International Affairs
Periodicity: Quarterly
Month(s) of Publication: Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec.
Current Volume: 5 (2022)

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National Security is a policy-oriented quarterly journal of the Vivekananda International Foundation, New Delhi. It focuses on the principal issues and trends in India’s increasingly complex national and international security environment. The journal carries holistic analysis and informed debates on all aspects of security and has emerged as an important forum for top thinkers, policy experts, and academics from India and abroad. It also aims to meet the needs of an international readership that is increasingly interested in India’s security policies as its role in world affairs grows. Recent issues of the journal have covered a wide variety of vital themes: India’s two-front security challenge, the Indo-Pacific and Quad, developments in China and India-China relations, Pakistan, nuclear doctrine, BIMSTEC, the status of Tibet, defence policy, terrorism, the scientific revolution and security, and nationalism.