Autobiography of a Yogi

Author: Paramahansa Yogananda

Publisher: Prints Publications Pvt Ltd

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Publisher Prints Publications Pvt Ltd
Publication Year 2023
ISBN-13 9789394791404
Binding Paper back
Number of Pages 461 Pages
Language English
Edition 1st
Dimension (Inches) 5.5"*8.5"
Weight (Grams) 604
Subject Classic Fiction
Category Fiction

Inspiring stalwarts like the Beatles, Steve Jobs and Ravi Shankar, Autobiography of a Yogi is an immensely gratifying spiritual read that has altered and enriched the lives of millions across the world, since it was first published in 1946. An originative text that tells the story of Paramahansa Yogananda, this book has been revered for its memorable, incisive and instructive teachings. This spiritual autobiography will take you on an incredible journey of Indian mysticism and spirituality and deliver humbling, comforting truths about life and existence. A book that deserves a place in every home.

Paramahansa Yogananda

Paramahansa Yogananda (1893-1952) was a pioneering guru and yogi. He founded the Self-Realization Fellowship in 1920 and the Yogoda Satsanga Society of India in 1917 which continue to carry on his spiritual legacy worldwide. Autobiography of a Yogi is one of his most popular books.

  Preface 7
  Author’s Acknowledgments 9
1 My Parents and Early Life 13
2 My Mother’s Death And Te Mystic Amulet 24
3 Te Saint With Two Bodies 30
4 My Interrupted Flight Toward Te Himalayas 37
5 A “Perfume Saint” Displays His Wonders 50
6 Te Tiger Swami 58
7 Te Levitating Saint 67
8 India’s Great Scientist, J.C. Bose 73
9 Te Blissful Devotee And His Cosmic Romance 83
10 I Meet My Master, Sri Yukteswar 90
11 Two Penniless Boys In Brindaban 110
12 Years In My Master’s Hermitage 110
13 Te Sleepless Saint 140
14 An Experience In Cosmic Consciousness 147
15 Te Cauliflower Robbery 155
16 Outwitting Te Stars 166
17 Sasi And Te Tree Sapphires 177
18 A Mohammedan Wonder-Worker 183
19 My Master, In Calcutta, Appears In Serampore 189
20 We Do Not Visit Kashmir 192
21 We Visit Kashmir 197
22 Te Heart Of A Stone Image 206
23 I Receive My University Degree 213
24 I Become A Monk Of Te Swami Order 220
25 Brother Ananta And Sister Nalini 228
26 Te Science Of Kriya Yoga 233
27 Founding A Yoga School At Ranchi 242
28 Kashi, Reborn And Rediscovered 251
29 Rabindranath Tagore And I Compare Schools 257
30 Te Law Of Miracles 262
31 An Interview With Te Sacred Mother 273
32 Rama Is Raised From Te Dead 283
33 Babaji, Te Yogi-Christ Of Modern India 291
34 Materializing A Palace In Te Himalayas 299
35 Te Christlike Life Of Lahiri Mahasaya 311
36 Babaji’s Interest In Te West 323
37 I Go To America 333
38 Luther Burbank—A Saint Amidst Te Roses 342
39 Terese Neumann, Te Catholic Stigmatist 348
40 I Return To India 357
41 An Idyl In South India 365
42 Last Days With My Guru 378
43 Te Resurrection Of Sri Yukteswar 399
44 With Mahatma Gandhi At Wardha 413
45 Te Bengali “Joy-Permeated” Mother 431
46 Te Woman Yogi Who Never Eats 436
47 I Return To Te West 447
48 At Encinitas In California 452

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