Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Author: Mark Twain

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Publisher Prints Publications Pvt Ltd
Publication Year 2023
ISBN-13 9789394791923
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Number of Pages 373 Pages
Language English
Edition 1st
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In the adventures of Huckleberry Finn, a sequel to the adventures of Tom Sawyer, Huck escapes from the clutches of his abusive drunk father ‘pap’, and the ‘sivilizing’ guardian widow Douglas. After faking his own death in pursuit of freedom, during one of his travels, Huck, encounters Jim, a runaway slave. Together, they embark on an exciting journey along the Mississippi river, meeting different people and participating in their unusual lives. With time, Huck finds himself in a moral dilemma over societal values and his own friendship with Jim. First published in 1884, The book was an indictment of racism, Class prejudices and identity conflicts. Regarded as one of the great American novels, this timeless classic by Mark Twain is also among the first in American literature to be written in regional English, relying on scathing satire, folksy humour, colloquial speech and coarse language.

Mark Twain

Lauded as the ‘greatest American humorist of his age’ and called ‘the father of American literature’ by William Faulkner, Samuel Langhorne Clemens, better known by his pen name Mark Twain, was born in Florida, Missouri, in 1835. He authored 28 books and numerous sketches and short stories. in 1839, his family shifted to Hannibal, a developing port city along the banks of river Mississippi, which later provided the setting for the Adventures of Tom Sawyer and its sequel, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, two of his most remarkable books. the Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876) features one of the best-loved characters in American fiction. it is suggestive of the life in the towns by the Mississippi river. Mark Twain was awarded an honorary doctorate in letters by the Oxford University in 1907. He died on April 21, 1910 in Redding, Connecticut, after suffering a heart attack.

I Explanatory 14
II Civilizing Huck.—Miss Watson.—Tom Sawyer Waits 17
III The Boys Escape Jim.—Tom Sawyer’s Gang.— Deep-Laid Plans 23
IV A Good Going-over.—Grace Triumphant.—“One of Tom Sawyers’s Lies”. 31
V Huck and the Judge.—Superstition 36
VI Huck’s Father.—The Fond Parent.—Reform. 41
VII He Went for Judge Thatcher.—Huck Decided to Leave.—Political Economy.—Thrashing Around. 47
VIII Laying for Him.—Locked in the Cabin.—Sinking the
IX Sleeping in the Woods.—Raising the Dead.—Exploring the Island.—Finding Jim.—Jim’s Escape.—Signs.—Balum. ... 63
X The Cave.—The Floating House. 76
XI The Find.—Old Hank Bunker.—In Disguise 81
XII Huck and the Woman.—The Search.—Prevarication.— Going to Goshen. . 86
XIII Slow Navigation.—Borrowing Things.—Boarding the Wreck.—The Plotters.—Hunting for the Boat 95
XIV Escaping from the Wreck.—The Watchman.—Sinking 104
XV A General Good Time.—The Harem.—French. 11
XVI Huck Loses the Raft.—In the Fog.—Huck Finds the Raft.—Trash. 117
XVII Expectation.—A White Lie.—Floating Currency.— Running by Cairo.—Swimming Ashore. ... 124
XVIII An Evening Call.—The Farm in Arkansaw.—Interior Decorations.—Stephen Dowling Bots.—Poetical Effusions 134
XIX Col. Grangerford.—Aristocracy.—Feuds.—The Testament.—Recovering the Raft.—The Wood— Pile.—Pork and Cabbage. 145
XX Tying Up Day—times.—An Astronomical Theory.— Running a Temperance Revival.—The Duke of Bridgewater.— The Troubles of Royalty. 159
XXI Huck Explains.—Laying Out a Campaign.— Working the Camp—Meeting.—A Pirate at the Camp—meeting.—The Duke as a Printer 169
XXII Sword Exercise.—Hamlet’s Soliloquy.—They Loafed Around Town.—A Lazy Town.—Old Boggs.—Dead 180
XXIII Sherburn.—Attending the Circus.—Intoxication in the Ring.—The Thrilling Tragedy. . 192
XXIV Sold.—Royal Comparisons.—Jim Gets Home-sick. 199
XXV Jim in Royal Robes.—They Take a Passenger.— Getting Information.—Family Grief. .... 206
XXVI Is It Them?—Singing the “Doxologer.”—Awful Square—Funeral Orgies.—A Bad Investment. 214
XXVII A Pious King.—The King’s Clergy.—She Asked His Pardon.—Hiding in the Room.—Huck Takes the Money. 224
XXVIII The Funeral.—Satisfying Curiosity.—Suspicious of Huck,—Quick Sales and Small 235
XXIX The Trip to England.—“The Brute!”—Mary Jane Decides to Leave.—Huck Parting with Mary Jane.— Mumps.—The Opposition Line. 244
XXX Contested Relationship.—The King Explains the Loss.—A Question of Handwriting.—Digging up the Corpse.—Huck Escapes. 256
XXXI The King Went for Him.—A Royal Row.—Powerful Mellow. 268
XXXII Ominous Plans.—News from Jim.—Old Recollections.— A Sheep Story.—Valuable Information. 272
XXXIII Still and Sunday—Like.—Mistaken Identity.—Up a Stump.—In a Dilemma 283
XXXIV A Nigger Stealer.—Southern Hospitality.—A Pretty Long Blessing.—Tar and Feathers. 290
XXXV The Hut by the Ash Hopper.—Outrageous.—Climbing the Lightning Rod.—Troubled with Witches 299
XXXVI Escaping Properly.—Dark Schemes.—Discrimination in Stealing.—A Deep Hole 306
XXXVII The Lightning Rod.—His Level Best.—A Bequest to Posterity.—A High Figure. 315
XXXVIII The Last Shirt.—Mooning Around.—Sailing Orders.— The Witch Pie. ... 322
XXXIX The Coat of Arms.—A Skilled Superintendent.— Unpleasant Glory.—A Tearful Subject. . 330
XL Rats.—Lively Bed—Fellows.—The Straw Dummy. 338
XLI Fishing.—The Vigilance Committee.—A Lively Run.—Jim Advises a Doctor. . 345
XLII The Doctor.—Uncle Silas.—Sister Hotchkiss.— Aunt Sally in Trouble 353
XLIII Tom Sawyer Wounded.—The Doctor’s Story.— Tom Confesses.—Aunt Polly Arrives.—Hand Out Them Letters. 361
XLIV Out of Bondage.—Paying the Captive.—Yours Truly, Huck Finn. 371

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