Towards Awareness

Author: Hemant Chopda

Publisher: Prints Publications Pvt Ltd

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Publisher Prints Publications Pvt Ltd
Publication Year 2022
ISBN-13 9788194849018
Binding Hard back
Number of Pages 348 Pages
Language English
Edition 1st
Dimension (Inches) 5.5"x8.5"
Weight (Grams) 348
Subject Psychology
Category Society & Social Sciences

This book is written from a psychological perspective by the author sighting examples from Jainism. A critical view by the author creates a conflicting note in the text while explaining the crossing paths of the atheists and the religious people. The analysis of the blind followings as explained by the author is te key to understanding his views. On a high note, the journey towards awareness is not as easy as it seems, full of trials and tribulations it starts from within.

Hemant Chopda

Hemant Chopda is born and brought up in Jaini culture. Since last 15 years he has been studying and observing the various behavioral aspects of the people who are religious and people who are atheists. In the year 2004 he secured a degree in Counseling & Psychotherapy after a detailed study of psychology and its various branches. His deep understanding to the subject matter has been recognized in the form of an award bestowed upon him while he was still continuing his studies. He even worked as caseworker and as support personnel. At present the author is working independently as a counselor, analyst and a therapist.

S No. Contents Page No.
1 Mantra Cleaner of Mind 1
2 What Is Superior and Sacred? 3
3 About Surrender and Its Reason 13
4 Religion-The Art to be in The Self 17
5 Ahima/ Non -Violence-End of Lust for Life 30
6 Sayyam/Tranquality-to be on the Middle Path 35
7 Tranquality-To Be A Creative Being 48
8 Austarity-Way of Directing Force of Life 64
9 Experiencing Our Energy Body 82
10 Why and How About Fasting 89
11 Restoration of Sense/Faculties 106
12 About Interest and Our Body 124
13 Energy Conservation 143
14 Why Penance and Not Repentance 157
15 How to be Humble and Why? 173
16 Study of the Self 182
17 Meditation-How and Why? 196
18 Preparation to Part From The Body 214
19 Religion- The Only Solace 232
20 About Religion and Truth 240
21 Truth Forever 257
22 Sexuality-Search for The Other 263
23 Celibacy/ Bramhacharya-Why? 283
24 Glimpse of Inner Greed- Attitude of Accumulation 294
25 Balancing Energy Force and Its Reason 310
26 Disciple and Humbleness 324
27 Flowering of Awareness-To Be Human 337

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