An Interface with Stress : Causes and Preventions

Author: Ambalika Sinha

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Publisher Prints Publications Pvt Ltd
Publication Year 2022
ISBN-13 9788194849056
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Number of Pages 315 Pages
Language English
Edition 1st
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Subject Psychology
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This book entitled “An Interface with Stress: Causes and Preventions” is a creation based on observations about people, be it children, youngsters, adults, or old people running for life. Children are facing competitions, parents’ pressurizing expectations and unlimited aspirations, youngsters are busy under the strain of higher studies for preparing them for jobs, high status and comfort, adults are stressed because of job conditions, hectic daily routine, hassles, family life, children related problems etc.

This book comprises of nineteen chapters which try to cover up main areas of stress, be it physiology, psychology of stress or social stress, organizational stress, natural calamities, children under stress, family and stress, etc. It also deals with various coping strategies and role of nutrition and de-stressors in one’s life. After reading this book one may get the picture of stress from every angle possible and also get information about various coping strategies for each of them plus one may also get insights into preventive measures which may inoculate them against stress. This may also add to one’s confidence in facing life.

This book may prove worthwhile for all, be it common public, students of psychology, graduates, post-graduates and researchers, players, patients, clinicians, sports psychologists, health conscious people, etc. All those who want to increase their awareness about stress and how to deal with it, may find the book useful.

The highlights of this book are that it’s subject matter has been presented in simple English, examples are from indigenous areas. All can grasp it easily. Diagrams, tables, boxes have been made to illustrate the important topics. Professionals may also benefit from it.

This book may serve its purpose of enriching people about stress knowledge and methods of coping with an ever persisting devil in one’s life ‘Stress’.


Ambalika Sinha

Dr. Ambalika Sinha is a lecturer in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences in Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad. She is Ph.D in Psychology. In the area of stress. She has twenty-five papers published, presented in various journals, books, conferences and seminars. She is guiding research scholars in the areas of stress, competitiveness etc. She is well versed in the courses she teaches like Organizational Behaviour. Principles of Management, Human Resource Management, Social Psychology, Indian Social Organization, Industrial Psychology. She has represented her institute in many conferences like International Conference on Health Behavioural Sciences, Tokyo (1991), Fourth Regional Conference of International Association of Cross Cultural Psychology, Kathmandu (1992), Third covention of National Academy of Psychology, Meerut University (1992), 5th Congress of National Academy of psychology, Allahabad University (1994), National Seminar on Community Psychology, A.P.S. University, Rewa (1999), National Seminar of Identity in Youth Socio-Cultural Perspective, Allahabad University (2004), National Conference on Impact of Globalization on Education, Culture and Personality, A.D.C. Allahabad (2005), National Seminar on Liberalization and Empowerment of Women in India, Allahabad (2005). She has also done ISTE course : Training on Knowledge Management and its Implications in Indian Business, Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi, 2004. She hopes the reader find this book informative, interesting and meaningful for learning about stress.

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What is Stress? 



1.1     Stress



1.2     Stressful  events from lowest to highest magnitude and the coping Strategies



1.3     Selyes’s General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS)



1.4     Why Change Life Style (A Preventive Measure for Stress Occurrence) 



1.5     Present-Future scenario of Stress if motivators influence






Stress: Concepts and Theories



2.1     Related terms



2.2     Theoretical explanations for stress






The Human Physiology and Stress



3.1     The brain in stress and health 



3.2     The Thyroid glands and thyroxin



3.3     Natural defences of Immune system






Psychological Elements in Stress System



4.1     The Mind’s Suspence and Psyche



4.2     cognition



4.3     Factors leading to stressful appraisals






Family Under Stress: Various Problems and Coping Styles



5.1     Chain for family stress



5.2     The ABCX model of family stress



5.3     Coping with family stress: stages






Social Factors and Stress



6.1     Social theory of stress 



6.2     Impact of social change on personality stability



6.3     Professional and Life crises



6.4     Coping with life change






Children Under Stress



7.1     Factors influencing the severity of stress



7.2     Typical steps in coping with adjustive demands






Age Related Stress



8.1     Stochastic Theories



8.2     Programmed theories



8.3     Physical change during adult years



8.4     Physical changes during mid-life



8.5     Physical changes in late life



8.6     Consequences of Stress



8.7     Five golden principals to a stress free Life






Personal And Stress



9.1     Theoretical perspective on Personality



9.2     Hypertensive Personality – A view



9.3     The Cancerous Personality 



9.4     Personality stress and infertility link



9.5     Personality of an alcoholic 



9.6     Three personality traits link with stress and health






Environmental Stressor



10.1     Theories of environmental stress



10.2     Major stressors



10.3     Coping with outcomes of disasters






Stress Victims



11.1     Fear : A Mental Prison



11.2     Factors of victimization



11.3     Victimization avoidance



11.4     Life style evaluation



11.5     Proper selection of time



11.6     Awareness of high risk-places



11.7     Select self defeating measures carefully



11.8     Behavioural adjustment



11.9     Errors of attribution



11.10     The victim’s profile



11.11     Beliefs about crime 



11.12     Beliefs in personal invulnerability



11.13     Severity of Crime



11.14     Suggested steps for managing fear from victimization



11.15     Social actions to coping with victimization






Job Stress



12.1     Definition of job stress



12.2     Stress sources



12.3     Individual stressors



12.4     Outcomes for the organization



12.5     Coping strategies for stress



12.6     Special group facing work stress






Nutrition, Exercise, health and Stress



13.1     Role of dies on stress



13.2     Exercise health and stress






Stress Management Exercises



14.1  Relaxation Techniques 






Stress and Time Management



15.1     Need for time management study



15.2     Attitude towards time



15.3 Time-mismanagement : It’s impact

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