Current Volume: 36 (2023 )

ISSN: 0970-2830

Periodicity: Half-Yearly

Month(s) of Publication: January & July

Subject: Language & Literature

DOI: https://doi.org/10.32381/POET

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Poetcrit is now 36 years old Indian journal in continuous circulation in the country. It is internationally known and has successfully crated a critical climate for the past 34 years also influencing the academia about new areas of literature. However, its main impetus is on Indian English Literature. It has brought its reputation is such that it receives more than a dozen Indian Journals in exchange for it.

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D. C. Chambial

Arti Chandel Parmar
E: artiparmar4002@gmail.com
Associate Editor
Sulakshna Sharma

Kurt. F. Svatek

Atma Ram

PCK Prem

Senior Fellow

Vivekananda International Foundation

Former Director

Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies, Kolkata

R K Singh


Ramesh K. Srivastava


KV Dominic


Rob Harle


Ruth Wildes Schuler


Suparna Ghosh


Alexander Raju


Advisory Board
Mahendra Bhatnagar
M. P.

Volume 36 Issue 2 , (Jul-2023 to Dec-2023)

Mystic Experience as Drama: Chaitanya and Mirac

By: Basavaraj Naikar

Page No : 1-20

Author :
Basavaraj Naikar
Professor Emeritus, Karnatak University, Dharwad 580 003.

DOI : https://doi.org/10.32381/POET.2023.36.02.1

Price: 101

Time: ‘A Double-Edged Weapon’: An Overview of Larkin’s Poetry

By: Dr. K. Rajamouly

Page No : 21-26

Author :
Rajamouly Katta
A poet, critic, reviewer and translator is Professor of English, Ganapathy Engineering College, Warangal (AP).

DOI : https://doi.org/10.32381/POET.2023.36.02.2

Price: 101

Understanding the Personality of Zachary through Psychoanalysis: The Lost Symbol

By: Arti Chandel Parmar

Page No : 27-31

Author :
Arti Chandel Parmar
 A Poet, critic, short story writer is presently Assistant Professor of English, at Govt. PG College Dharamshala (HP).

DOI : https://doi.org/10.32381/POET.2023.36.02.3

Price: 101

Life, Poetical and Critical Concerns

By: H.S. Bhatia

Page No : 32-37

Author :
H.S. Bhatia
Professor of English (Retd.); Renowned critic, poet, and editor of English verse anthologies.

DOI : https://doi.org/10.32381/POET.2023.36.02.4

Price: 101

Gandhian Ideology: A New Paradigm of Developmental Communication

By: Suruchi Upadhyay

Page No : 38-43

With contemporary mode of modus operandi, there are several discourse and ‘ism’, emerged, but the most potent and influential discourse in original form is a Gandhian Discourse. Although, Gandhian Discourse is disconnective genre in emerging new paradigm shift, and recent shades of upcoming literary trends of writings, but every hidden treasure can be dug and pruned to acclimatize intellectual thrust of mind. Mahatama Gandhi, undoubtedly was the most influential and at times controversial figure. Nevertheless, the influence of Gandhian ideas and philosophy affects on a larger scale, both at national, and international fronts. Gandhi, a well determined man, with strong conviction and unruffled thoughts was the only binding force to unit all at equal front for setting our country free from British colonial regime. The utilitarian traits of Gandhiji well proved that ‘united we stand and divided we fall’. The present paper is a sincere effort to point out how Gandhian ideology plays an important role in giving new strength, new confidence to Indian Language by establishing a new kind of Developmental Communication which influences not only individual, but also society, particularly, taking into account two novels Kanthapura by Raja Rao (1938), and Mulk Raj Anand’s Untouchable (1935).

Author :
Suruchi Upadhyay
Assistant Professor, Department of English, D.A.V. P.G. College, Siwan (A Constituent College of Jai Prakash University, Chapra).

DOI : https://doi.org/10.32381/POET.2023.36.02.5

Price: 101

Sufi Poet and Author Syed Liaqath Peeran — a Man of Achievement

By: Aju Mukhopadhyay

Page No : 44-54

Author :
Aju Mukhopadhyay
He is a bilingual award winning poet, author and critic. He has published 41 books. An Environmentalist, he writes in Indian and International journals. His works are varied in nature from poems, short stories, novels, features, biographies and travelogues. Besides Poetry, other awards he received are Albert Camus Centenary Writing Award from Cyprus, Laureate Award in Best Author category (Non-Fiction) from LITEROMA, Kolkata, Glory of India Award from the Indian Achievers’ Forum and latest, Sri Aurobindo Puraskar from Kolkata. His two latest books displayed in the sell counters are That House That Age, a novel and Vast Akash, a book of poems.

DOI : https://doi.org/10.32381/POET.2023.36.02.6

Price: 101

Wisdom – Ancient and Plenteous Shataka Literature in Behavioural Etiquette and Morality

By: Rama Rao Vadapalli V. B.

Page No : 55-62

Author :
Rama Rao Vadapalli V. B.
He  is a retired ELT professional, a creative writer, critic and translator and has to his credit scores of published books, critical essays and reviews by the hundreds.

DOI : https://doi.org/10.32381/POET.2023.36.02.7

Price: 101

Life Reveals Unkind Truths on its long Voyage

By: PCK Prem

Page No : 63-74

Author :
PCK Prem
Major contemporary bilingual poet, novelist, short-story writer and critic from Palampur, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh.

DOI : https://doi.org/10.32381/POET.2023.36.02.8

Price: 101

Politics of Writing: Exploring Love, Sexuality and Nostalgia in Selected Writings of Nandini Sahu

By: Shibangi Dash

Page No : 75-78

Author :
Shibangi Dash
She is a PhD researcher in the Department of English, University of Delhi. Her primary research interest lies in an intersectional study of caste in India, gender studies, food studies, and Odia literature. She has presented papers in various national and international conferences including the annual conference of American Comparative Literature Association in 2021. She has published research papers on Dalit writings.

DOI : https://doi.org/10.32381/POET.2023.36.02.9

Price: 101

As I Know The Lord of The Mountains: Shiva Purana

By: Suresh Chandra Pande

Page No : 79-87

Author :
Suresh Chandra Pande
Contemporary critic and poet of wide renown from Nainital (Uttrakhand).

DOI : https://doi.org/10.32381/POET.2023.36.02.10

Price: 101

Light in grey or grey to dark! – A cruise through the traces of real modernist culture

By: Dimple B Theophilose

Page No : 88-93

Author :
Dimple B Theophilose
A teacher (on leave) in S. S. U. P. School Thodupuzha, Kerala, India and is studying for M. A. English degree. Interested in studying people and their minds as an endless cruise to find real life. Published her maiden collection of English Poems, What’s Me? The Virgin Hustler, from Authorspress, New Delhi. Her poems have also been published in national and international refereed journals. Now she is in the process of publishing another collection of English poems and a Malayalam travelogue.

DOI : https://doi.org/10.32381/POET.2023.36.02.11

Price: 101

Perennial Relevance of the Novel Haarey Huey Log: A Brief Critique

By: Saroj Parmar

Page No : 94-96

Author :
Saroj Parmar
Prof and Head Deptt.of Hindi (Retd). Poet, short story writer, essayist, critic and book reviewer. Has appeared in several journals and zines of repute and also associated with AIR and Doordarshan.

DOI : https://doi.org/10.32381/POET.2023.36.02.12

Price: 101

A Poet with a Difference

By: Sagar Mal Gupta

Page No : 97-104

Author :
Sagar Mal Gupta
Professor of English (Retd), poet, critic, linguist and translator from Jaipur.

DOI : https://doi.org/10.32381/POET.2023.36.02.13

Price: 101

Personal Impression of a Translation Workshop

By: Dr Bhaskar Roy Barman

Page No : 105-109

Author :
Bhaskar Roy Barman
Agartala, West Reipura, Tripura.

DOI : https://doi.org/10.32381/POET.2023.36.02.14

Price: 101

Raghupathi Goes to Rio: Dialogues with Roberto

By: Thudum Venkataramana

Page No : 110-120

Author :
Thudum Venkataramana
A Lecturer in English, Government Degree College, Rayachoti (Annamayya District), Andhra Pradesh, he has over two decades of teaching experience. Currently, he is working for his Ph. D. on K. V. Raghupathi’s works at Dr. B.R. Ambedkar State Open University, Hyderabad. He has participated in a number of seminars and conferences and presented papers. His articles have appeared in books with ISBN.

DOI : https://doi.org/10.32381/POET.2023.36.02.15

Price: 101


By: ..

Page No : 121-214

Price: 101

Book Reviews

By: ..

Page No : 215-242

Price: 101

Instruction to the Author

Deadline for submissions: January issue: 1st September Articles (3000 words)/ Poems (20-25 lines) and July Issue: 1st March appended with a certificate that the article/ Poem is original and unpublished.

Complete Postal Address on the Title Page be emailed to the Editor: Poetcrit accept only well-written research papers following MLA 7yh/8th edition.
Editor: Poetcrit, Maranda-176102 H.P. (India) Email: editorpoetcrit@gmail.com

All the manuscripts submitted for publication in Poetcrit should accompany a covering letter giving an undertaking following certain principles under Ethical Policy. The cover letter should include a written statement from the author(s) that:
1. The manuscript is an original research work and has not been published elsewhere including open access at the internet.
2. The data used in the research has not been manipulated, fabricated, or in any other way misrepresented to support the conclusions.
3. No part of the text of the manuscript has been plagiarized.
4. The manuscript is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.
5. The manuscript will not be submitted elsewhere for review while it is still under consideration for publication in POETCRIT.

The cover letter should also include an ethical statement disclosing any conflict of interest that may directly or indirectly impart bias to the research work. Conflict of interest most commonly arises from the source of funding, and therefore, the name(s) of the funding agency must be mentioned in the cover letter. In case of no conflict of interest, please include the statement that “the authors declare that they have no conflict of interest

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