Advit Toys Shapes Jigsaw Puzzle Triangle Rectangle Square | Learning and Educational Toys and Games | Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids Toddlers 2+ Years (24 Piece + Book Inside)

Publisher: Advit Toys

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Publisher Advit Toys
Publication Year 2022
ISBN-13 9788195191000
EAN 0745110904724
Binding Hard back
Language English
Dimension (Inches) 26.7x17.1x4
Weight (Grams) 540
Subject Jigsaw Puzzles
Category Edutainment

* Bright and colorful puzzle pieces will help a child improve his/her ability to focus.

* Solving the puzzles will enable a child to develop problem solving skills, cognitive skills and fine motor skills.

* Reading the fun facts given full encourage a child to learn about Shapes.

* The puzzles pieces are big and durable and will be easy to handle for the children. 

About the Book: Our Shapes-themed book helps to enhance the knowledge of children while encouraging them to develop the habit of reading. Through its attractive illustrations, Advit Toys strives to make learning a joyful experience for kids. Not only it is fun and interactive, but also educational.

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