Fun n Frolic : All In One Book

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Publisher Prints Publications Pvt Ltd
Publication Year 2022
ISBN-13 9789393674395
Binding Paper back
Number of Pages 125 Pages
Language English
Edition 1st
Dimension (Inches) 28 X 21.5 X 1
Weight (Grams) 334
Subject Textbooks
Category Foundation Books

The Fun n Frolic collection of five books features attractive pictures and drawings that match the text, allowing your kid to quickly comprehend essential concepts and recognise everyday things, acquire vocabulary through picture-word association and explore and learn about the world around them. Through colourful visuals and activities, children learn important abilities such as Alphabet, Numbers, Hindi Varnmala, Painting, and Drawing in a fun way. This collection includes books that teach youngsters about early learning concepts.

The key features of this series are:

  • Colourful presentation
  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Build Vocabulary through picture–word association
  • Foster a high of reading
  • Tracing pattern along the dotted lines
  • Colouring numbers, missing numbers counting, and other fun activities.
  • Explore a variety of art processes
  • Develop visual and imaginative skills by exploring a variety of art processes

Editorial and Research Team of Prints Publications

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