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Current Volume: 58 (2023 )

ISSN: 0042-452X

Periodicity: Quarterly

Month(s) of Publication: Mar, Jun, Sep & Dec

Subject: Literature and Fiction


The Literary Criterion is now 66 years old and the longest Indian journal in continuous circulation in the country. It is internationally known and has successfully crated a critical climate for the past 60 years also influencing the academia about new areas of literature like The American, The African, the Australian, Caribbean, the New Zealand etc literature's. It has brought out various special issues and all these areas including Shakespeare, T.S. Eliot, F R Leavis and Indian writers of English. All the special issues have appeared in hardback as independent volumes. Its reputation is such in exchange for it more than 15 international journals are being received at Dhvanyaloka, Mysore.

C N Srinath


Associate Editor
Ragini Ramachandra

Guest Editor

Volume 58 Issue 3-4 , (Jul-2023 to Dec-2023)

Difficulties and Challenges of Translating Classical Kannada Texts

By 1: R.V.S. Sundaram

Page No : 1-9

Price: 251

On Translating the Epigrams of Sarvajna

By 1: K.S. Ram , Uma Ram

Page No : 10-24

Price: 251

A Dimwit's Musings on Creator, Creation and Life

By 1: C.N. Srinath

Page No : 25-28

Price: 251

A Note on the Kannada version of Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea

By 1: C. Naganna

Page No : 29-35

Price: 251

Review Article
Mahatma Gandhi in Odia: An Anthology of Selected Writings on Gandhi in Odia Literature. (Trs) by Bijay Kumar Das. Mumbai: Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, 2023 Pp LXV + 280, Rs. 799/

By 1: C.N. Srinath

Page No : 36-51

Price: 251

Book Reviews

By 1: S.N. Vikram Raj Urs , Mohan Ramanan , Shyamala A. Narayan

Page No : 52-72

Vijay Balan: The Swaraj Spy. Gurugram: Harper Collins, 2023. Pp 493. Rs. 599/
In An Ant…ique Land and Other Essays by Ragini Ramachandra and S. Ramachandra. Mysore: Dhvanyaloka Publication, 2022. Pp 84. Rs. 400/-
Basavaraj Naikar, The Warrior Queen of Keladi (A Historical Epic Novel), Emerald Publishers, Chennai. 2022. Pp. 504. Rs. 375.
A Glorious Emperor of Vijayanagara by Basavaraj Naikar, pp. 235 New Delhi: Authorspress, 2022. (PB) Rs. 595.


Price: 251

Readers' Response: The Literary Criterion (Nos. 1 & 2, 2023)
Canada Calling by Ragini Ramachandra (Text) & S. Ramachandra (Photos), Dhvanyaloka Publication, Mysore, 2023

By 1: C. R. Visweswara Rao , TRS Sharma

Page No : 73-78

Price: 251

Instruction to the Author

All the manuscripts submitted for the The Literary Criterion should accompany a covering letter giving an undertaking following certain principles under Ethical Policy. The cover letter should include a written statement from the author(s) that:

  1. The manuscript is an original research work and has not been published elsewhere including open access at the internet.
  2. The data used in the research has not been manipulated, fabricated, or in any other way misrepresented to support the conclusions.
  3. No part of the text of the manuscript has been plagiarised.
  4. The manuscript is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  5. The manuscript will not be submitted elsewhere for review while it is still under consideration for publication in the The Literary Criterion.

The cover letter should also include an ethical statement disclosing any conflict of interest that may directly or indirectly impart bias to the research work. Conflict of interest most commonly arises from the source of funding, and therefore, the name(s) of funding agency must be mentioned in the cover letter. In case of no conflict of interest, please include the statement that “the authors declare that they have no conflict of interest”.


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