Advit Toys Wizard of Oz - Jigsaw Puzzle | Fun and Challenging Having Realistic Illustrations| Birthday Gifts Ideas for Kids (100 Piece + Educational Fun Fact Book Inside)

Publisher: Advit Toys

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Publisher Advit Toys
Publication Year 2022
ISBN-13 9789393755308
EAN 0725765031228
Binding Hard back
Language English
Dimension (Inches) 26.5 x 17.5 x 4
Weight (Grams) 500
Category Edutainment

* This Advit Toys Jigsaw Puzzle for Kids is made from reusable card board and without any sharp edges so that children can grasp it safely.

* Bright and colourful puzzles pieces will help a child improve his/her ability to focus.

* Solving the puzzles will enable a child to develop problem-solving skills, cognitive skills, and fine motor skills.

* Reading the given fun fact book will improve a child's vocabulary and develops a child's imagination.

* The puzzles pieces are big and durable and will be easy to handle for the children.

* Travel toys: The Puzzles are perfect for quiet time or travel.


About the Book: Through our Wizard of Oz Book, children would not only enjoy reading this beautifully narrated fairy tale story. Still, they will also learn meaningful life values, which will imprint morals in the readers’ minds for a lifetime. Also, this book helps to enhance children’s knowledge while encouraging them to develop the habit of reading. Through its attractive illustrations, Advit Toys strives to make learning a joyful experience for kids.


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