Prints Publications Pvt. Ltd. is an academic and educational publisher, stands committed to enhance its growing relationship with the academic and scholar community. All the publications are readily available to the clients for readership and subscription, both in India and in overseas as well. Prints Publication network of eminent authors and editors are affiliated with many of the finest and prestigious organisations, institutions and associations. We pride ourselves on our long-standing partnership with some of the established and leading experts in their fields of expertise and experience.

Publishing with Prints Publications Pvt Ltd

Prints Publications Pvt. Ltd. is an independent international publishers of books, journals, electronic media. Known for our commitment to quality and innovation, we are a world leader in our chosen scholarly, educational, and professional markets. Innovative ideas and approaches consistently distinguish Prints Publications across all of our Programmers.
Our Product include:

Academic and reference books with breadth of vision and valued content.
Innovative teaching texts for collage courses.
Journals at the forefront of knowledge, contributing to the disciplines of the future
Professional books reflecting practice approaches to new perspectives and challenges.


Prints Publications Pvt. Ltd. and its related imprints, publish topical debates in all areas of the social sciences and contemporary business books for professionals, academics and students. Our acquisition editors always search for the most current and important materials to publish. They not only evaluate prospective publications, but also take an active role in developing projects. Our aggressive direct mail promotion reaches academics, professionals/practitioners, scholars and students. This is supplemented by a network of stockist in most cities in India and the rest of south Asia. With the advantage of our affiliates based globally, we are able to provide each book with a vigorous market campaign to maximise its global sales potential. We publish the best work at all levels - professional books, reference books, handbooks and textbooks.


Prints Publications Pvt. Ltd. fast expanding journal programme reflects a commitment to publishing research of the highest quality on an international scale. At every step we emphasise quality of services, professionalism and an understanding of the needs of editors and learned societies as our publishing partners. Our commitment to dissemination through vigorous international marketing is unrivalled and widely acclaimed.

Prints Publications Pvt. Ltd. publishing philosophy is based on three Principles:

1. Relationship - We depend upon the experience and expertise of our authors, editors, learned societies, colleagues and vendors with whom we work.
2. Vision - We focus on anticipating and delivering what our customers want.
3. Excellence - We are committed to quality in all that we publish and in all that we do.