Ordering & Invoicing

Can we place order for back orders as well?

Yes, orders are accepted for back orders. We try to fill gaps in existing library collections of journals back files, having huge database of Indian titles. We can supply complete back-sets of Indian Periodicals or even stray issues to fill gaps in the holding.

Do you accept orders for digital versions?

We present an electronic alternative mode to assist in the preservation of old and valuable back issues and of archived material through digital research resources. Further, the access is provided on user/password basis or IP Range basis for secured reasons. Ensure availability of E-journals, articles, texts and other reading and learning material for effortless and quick reference and study online.

Can we place standing orders or else only renewals orders are accepted?

Yes, there are provisions for Standing as well as Renewal orders. We accept the order Volume Wise/Year Wise. You are also invited to place orders for back files and old issues, which will be attended and processed by us at the earliest possible dates. Standing orders may be placed, indicating the required volumes/numbers, in respect of:
  • Advances
  • Annual/Yearbooks
  • International/National Congress/Conference Publications
  • Multi-Volume worked in progress
  • Series Publications
  • Census of Indian Publications

Can the prices change after placing order based on the enquiry?

In some cases, the subscription rate for current year in the Catalogue have been based on previous year figures as per the latest available data. Changes/subsequent updating by the Publisher, if any, will be informed immediately.

What if the prices are changed?

In some rare cases, the price may undergo change during the year, as per the publisher’s decision. However, the data is continuously updated, and such price amendments if any, are verified, authenticated and provided to you at the time of Order booking soon after the receipt of information at our end.

Do you accept all type of orders?

We welcome orders for any Indian journal or periodical, whether it has been chosen from our online database search from our website, e-Catalogues, or any other source.

How can we place the orders to you?

You can send us your orders through the shopping cart, e-mail from this website, or through post or any other mode of your convenience. Whether it is an old publication or a new release, if the title you are looking for, does not show up in our catalogue, we shall try to locate the same for you. Do not let the inaccessibility of rare or old, out of print, out of stock journal issues frustrate you any more, let us help you with the solution.

Please write to us for our subjectwise catalogues of current Indian Publications and special lists on topics of your interest. Our annual catalogue on Indian Periodicals/ Serials with periodic supplements provides information on regular Journals and Periodicals from India.

How can we get response to our Price Enquiries/Advance Proformas?

We reply to all the enquiries with the prices available as per current status.

What is the invoicing procedure?

The annual invoices list your titles with price and selected bibliographic information. The following details, with options, are presented in a clear concise format:
  • Buyer/Your ID Number
  • Your Purchase Order Number
  • Complete Ship-to and Bill-to address(es)
  • Complete name of each periodical ordered, in alphabetical order
  • ISSN when available
  • Volume number or regularily numbered annual subscription
  • A complete listing of all your titles ordered, with the subscription period (Including those not yet due to rewal)
  • The number of copies ordered of each periodicals
  • The Current Publisher price of each periodical
  • The frequency of each periodical
  • Any special bibliographic information concerning mergers last issue published on irregular or slow bill later titles, changes of titles of format, etc., for your list of titles (shown on detachable supplementary pages at the end of the invoices.

Shipment / Delivery

What is the Mode of Delivery?

We mail the issues/Volumes by Airmail, Surface Mail, Registered Post, Air CargoReputed courier like Fedex, DHL, Aramex etc. However, Postal Charges to be borne by the customer to ensure safe delivery.

How to make Payments?

After finalizing your order, the invoice will cosntain the bank and dispatch charges according to the delivery mode opted for by you. You can make your payment online or offline.

What is the delivery address is changed?

If you/ your end client relocate and have change of address, please inform us through e-mail and send us both the old and the new addresses. We will update our record accordingly.

Returns & Claims

How will the discontinued titles or merged publications be treated?

If a serial has been discontinued or has been merged with another journal, we will actively attempt to obtain either a refund or a substitution and forward the same to our respective clients. However the decision is up to the publisher who has received full payment from PRINTS PUBLICATIONS.

Do you accept the Cancellations of orders?

If you want to cancel your Standing/Renewal order, please cancel upto 31st September of each year. If we have paid to the publisher they do not accept any cancellation after the given date. It is our experience that few clients have cancelled their order in between the volume/year. At that stage, the Publisher neither refunds balance amount and nor cancels the order. Please note that it is beyond our control to cancel a particular subscription in between a specific volume.