Voice of Dalit

ISSN: 0974-3545
e-ISSN: 0976-3929
Subject: Sociology
Month(s) of Publication:
Current Volume: 7 (2014)

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This is the first number of the first volume of the journal, Voice of Dalit.It is a journal which we bring to the readers,with a very definite commitment.The commitment is to lend voice to India\'s teeming numbers of oppressed- the dalits,who are perpetual victims of marginalisation and socio-economic exclusion. More than sixty years have passed since India gained independence.Despite firm constitutional auurances of equality and suppoetive measures for the weaker section,the gigantic task of ensuring social justice is yet to be realized as the Brahminical social hirerarchy weighs down heavily on the democratization efforts.Illiteracy, malnutrition, unemployment and under-employment, displacement and violence stalk the dalits in their day to day existence.Human rights are a far cry.It is their pains and their struggles that the journal seeks to bring into focus.