Journal of Combinatorics, Information & System Sciences : A Quarterly International Scientific Journal

ISSN: 0250-9628
e-ISSN: 0976-3473
Subject: Mathematics
Periodicity: Quarterly
Month(s) of Publication: Mar., Jun., Sept. & Dec.
Current Volume: 43 (2018)

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 Journal of Combinatorics & System Sciences (JCISS) is published four times a year. It primarily publishes significant original papers and survey articles on important advances, carrying theoretical results of Mathematical orientation in any one of the following major areas : ** Combinatorics (e.g., Graph Theory, finite Geometries, Combinatorial Geometries, Combinatorial Problems in Number Theory and Abstract Algebra, Coding Theory, Block/Factorial Designs, Search and Combinatorial Problems in Statistical Inference). Information Theory (e.g., The Shannon Theory, Rate Distortion Theory, Theory of Error Correcting Codes, Detection and Estimation, Communication, Sampling Theorms and Stochastic Processes, Pattern Recognition Measures of Information and their Applications in Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, Commerce and Business Management, Humanities, Statistics and Ergodic Theory). Mathematical System Theory (e.g., Topological Dynamics, Theory and Dynamical Polysystems, General System Theory, Formal System Theory, Reliability Theory and Practice, Mathematical Theory of Automation and Algorithms, Algebraic System Theory, Eegodic Theory and Mathematical Linguistics).