Journal of Indian Ocean Studies

ISSN: 0972-3080
e-ISSN: 0972-3080
Subject: Political Science
Periodicity: Tri-Annual
Month(s) of Publication: Jan, May, Sep.
Current Volume: 29 (2021)

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The Journal of Indian Ocean Studies is a publication of the Society for Indian Ocean Studies (SIOS). Having completed twenty-eight years of publication, the Journal, published three times a year-in January, May and September, aims at bringing out articles contributed by defence experts, diplomats, eminent scholars and renowned thinkers on the various aspects of the Indian Ocean and the littoral regions of South and Southeast Asia, Africa, the Gulf and Australia.

The articles are peer reviewed. An Editorial Advisory Board comprising strategists and former practitioners of foreign affairs and defence as well as distinguished scholars on economy, history etc of the region provide regular guidance and advice. The Journal has a vast readership among the Parliamentarians, think-tanks, maritime establishments, universities and institutions of excellence in various fields as also individual scholars.