Women, Work and Media Image In Cultural Expression

By: Usha Srivastava
Pub. Date: 2010
Print ISBN-13: 9788175332553
Subject: Women Studies
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During the past decade, advances in information technology have facilitated a global communications network that transcends national boundaries and has an impact on public policy, private attitudes and behaviour, especially of children and young adults. Everywhere the potential exists for the media to make a far greater contribution to the advancement of women. Although women are increasingly entering into media, top management is still largely male dominated and the culture of patriarchy is perpetuated through this disparity. There is a gender division of labour that is evident through the way that stories are assigned. Freedom of expression ranges from the articulation of words and images to actions and lifestyle choices, including choices around one's sexuality. Despite significant progress in other areas, women's sexuality continues to be an area where freedom of expression is tightly controlled by the state, family, religious bodies and other institutions throughout society. To express one's sexuality - especially if it does not conform to heterosexual norms-often carries a heavy risk of discrimination, violence, stigmatisation or coercion at the hands of private or state actors.