Women's Rights and Interantional Law

Pub. Date: 2010
Print ISBN-13: 9788175333123
Subject: Women Studies
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International law has developed the standard of due diligence as a way to measure whether a state has acted with sufficient effort to live up to its responsibilities to uphold human rights, i.e. to respect, protect and fulfill. Womenrights human rights are indivisible. All government are obliged to uphold the basic human rights of each individual on an equal basis. States must recognize the unique context in which women experience human rights and take all necessary steps to protect women from discrimination and abuse in both the private and public spheres. Women are in the double jeopardy. Discriminated against as women, they are also as likely as men, if not more so, to become victims of human right violations. Today, what unites women internationally-transcending class, race, culture, religion, nationality and ethnic origin-is their vulnerability to the denial and violation of their fundamental human rights, and their dedicated efforts to claim those right.