Women and Global Economic Order

By: S Rani
Pub. Date: 2010
Print ISBN-13: 9788175333192
Subject: Women Studies
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The framework of this global capitalist economic order is sustained and regulated by a series of multilateral agreements whose function is to protect the interests of business over that of governments, civil society and most certainly indigenous peoples. Embedded within this new single global economy is a set of liberal European epistemologies which define human beings as economic units and the free market as a rationally operating framework within which perfect competition exists, which has its roots in the mercantilism of the earliest forms of imperialism, and which is deeply ideologically flawed. Economic liberalism and free trade are the lynch pins of the new economic order designed to carry humankind on a wave of economic triumph into the new millennium. It has been said that when women regain their rightful place within the world, wars will cease. It has also been said that women will refuse to give up their sons and daughters to war, wars will cease. Perhaps we could add that when women refuse to participate in or otherwise support power over politics, when women refuse to participate in the currently asserted global capitalist economic order and themselves begin the creation of a new order within which the traditional values of nurturance, equality, spirituality and just distribution are central, wars will cease and peace will finally begin.