The Future Face of Terrorism

Pub. Date: 2009
Print ISBN-13: 9788175332058
Subject: Terrorism
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That trend augurs a new age in terrorism-one in which weapons of mass destruction reach the hands of individuals seeking to murder countless numbers of people as an end itself. Terrorism in the information age will consist of conventional terrorism, in which classical weapons (explosives, guns, etc.) will be used to destroy property and kill victims in the physical world; techno terrorism, in which classical weapons will be used to destroy infrastructure; targets and cause a disruption in cyberspace; and cyber terrorism, where new weapons (malicious software, electromagnetic and microwave weapons) will operate to destroy data in cyberspace to cause a disruption in the physical world. Through the use of new technology, terrorist groups may have fewer members, yet still have global reach, the increasing power of computers may lower the threshold of state sponsorship to a point where poor states can become sponsors and rich states are no longer necessary for terrorist groups to carry out complex attacks.