Terrorism Has No Religion

Pub. Date: 2009
Print ISBN-13: 9788175332065
Subject: Terrorism
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Terrorism has no religion... is the new slogan spreading fast and is the proper, much needed secularist approach at this time of crisis. Whenever and whereever there is a terror attack happens, the people who execute these gory attacks are Muslims. Some may be cooked up by a foreign nation for a geographical hold or gain. Some may be cooked up by local politicians for the power gain. Some may be cooked up by religious fanatics. Whether it's an international conspiracy or local political conspiracy or religion based one. Terrorists use various means to justify their violence, even though God's written word does not permit these actions. One glance at the victims of terrorist attacks is living proof that terrorists are nothing but criminals and murderers, and are far from being righteous. Terrorism has no religion. In fact any religion including Islam is against violence and terrorism. Unfortunately terror is sometimes marketed in the name of religion by some wicked people and fools get carried away by their gimmicks. In the interest of mankind it is necessary that every religious leader and followers of respective religion should be extra vigilant against the blatant misuse of religion for terrorist activities.