Plant Biosystematics

Pub. Date: 2022
Print ISBN-13: 9789393674425
Subject: Botany
Price: USD 75.00 USD 56.25

For Plant Taxonomy, several text books are made available in India, but for Plant Biosystematics, books are scarcely available in Indian Subcontinent. The Preparation of this book was motivated by a long felt need for a concise yet fairly comprehensive book of Plant Biosystematics for use in Indian colleges and universities. This book comprises of 17 important chapters in which different important facts such as plant taxonomy and its relationships with species and subspecies, evolutionary biology, comparison between taxonomy and plant biosystematics, basic process of speciation phenomenon, taxonomic puzzles related to anatomy, palynology, cytology, numerical taxonomy etc. and hybridization process and other important terms of evolutionary adaptations have been explained comprehensively. Though the UGC has curriculum syllabus, due to lack of books the course was not accommodated in many universities. This book will cater the needs of the students as well as the instructors.