Objective Questions On Vegetable World

By: J P SRIVASTAVA, S Lal, Gaurav Mishra
Pub. Date: 2008
Print ISBN-13: 9788175331297
Subject: Reference Book
Price: USD 25.00 USD 18.75

In the era of competition, the literature plays a vital role whether to get entry in teaching institutes or service. The state agricultural universities are not the exception where the admissions are sought through competition. Not only this, the entry in the service in agriculture through agricultural scientists recruitment board is also through competition. For becoming authority in the subject one will have to go through scores of books not in one or two months but in years together, which is not only a costly proposition but also time consuming. In this regard, the question in a concern area/subject is a great relief. The question book entitled "Objective Questions on Vegetable World" would be a great help to the students of vegetable science in seeking admission for higher education and entry into the service. This book embodies the questions on vegetables like solanaceous, cucurbitaceous, leguminous, cole crops, roots crops, spices etc., besides statistics and list of institutes/centres in the country conducting research on vegetables. It is hoped that this compilation of questions alongwith answers would be an asset to the students and scientists of vegetable science.