Natural Hazards And Disaster Management

Pub. Date: 2022
Print ISBN-13: 9789393674326
Subject: Geography
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The importance of geographical study of natural hazards and disasters is increasing day to day because Hazards and disasters are a way of life in the world. Every year natural and man made disasters are occurring in various parts of the earth. The disasters completed destroy the basic infrastructure of the affected area. In the recent past of country has faced many disasters like: tsunami, earthquake, drought, flood and cyclone. This book tried to present a simple comprehensive, well illustrated and documented account of the issue concerning disaster management. In this book I have introduce various aspect related to scientific management of various disasters like, worldwide distribution of Hazards and disasters and these circulation though the all spheres of the earth. It is expected that the book would serve the interest of the students as a source of information for understanding and appreciating the finer aspect of disaster management. Others like the general readers; the NGOs, government employees and other could find a matte or two that could interest them.