Life Before Death

Pub. Date: 2010
Print ISBN-13: 9788175333147
Subject: Philosophy
Price: USD 25.00 USD 18.75

This book explains in simple prose the cycle of life, causes of mental tension, its remedies, positive and negative emotions of the human beings. The book is highly recommended to all who wants to lead a tension free life and more particularly to those people who are in hurry to achieve more. The author 's simple advice to them is live with the nature and there should be harmony between the mind and body. We cannot lead a peaceful life if we worry too much about the future. Therefore live in the present and make proper use of it without any mental tension. This book explains in detail how to bring purity in our life by avoiding negative energies and hatred for others. This book contains valuable inputs which will help a person to lead a purposeful and peaceful life. It advocates the need for living according to the principles of nature and also the need for change in our attitude towards others.