Islamic Fundamentalism

Pub. Date: 2009
Print ISBN-13: 9788175331839
Subject: Islamic Studies
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The term fundamentalism is almost exclusively used in the context of religion. The book "Islamic Fundamentalism" describes religious ideologies seen as advocating a return to the fundamentals of Islam - the Quran and the Sunnah. This book also discusses that it is deemed problematic by those who suggest that Islamic belief requires all Muslims to be fundamentalists and by others as a term used by outsiders to describe perceived trends within Islam. Islamic fundamentalists hold that the problems of the world stem from secular influences. Further, the path to peace and justice lies in a return to the original message of Islam combined with a scrupulous rejection of all Bid'ah ("religious innovation") and perceived anti-Islamic traditions. This book will prove a definite source to understand about the Islamic fundamentals in a highly value laden manner.