Information Technology & Environmental Management

Pub. Date: 2008
Print ISBN-13: 9788175331495
Subject: Technology
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To-day's neglected decisions become tomorrow's crisis. This well known expression sums up in a few words the fact that environmentalists, scientists, farmers and mankind as a whole have been warning governments throughout the world for the past fifty years about the need to give thought to the environment as a consequence of the problems involved with too many factories bellowing smoke, too many cars, trucks and buses polluting the air with the use of fossil fuels (petrol and diesel), too much urbanization and a population growth which has got out of control. It can be written that "To-day's crisis are the result of neglected decisions which have failed the biodiversity of the planet which in turn have destroyed all branches of the Environment which has left no room for a Sustainable Development, be it on land, in the seas or in the air". We are a planet in crisis. This book is a tool to return the planet to the Sustainable Development it can have only by resuming an understanding of the balance between Biodiversity and the Environment. The Challenge is there. This book promises solutions.