By: Kapil Gupta & Bhushan Bhati
Pub. Date: 2021
Print ISBN-13: 97881927629448
Subject: Sociology
Price: USD 20.00 USD 15

Equality, a fickle concept. What is equality for you? Kapil's concept, 'New Age Equality' doesn't offer anybody special privileges or give reservations or subsidies or special rights just because some great great grandfather was oppressed when some king was ruling. New Age Equality doesn't give a pedestal based on the whims or fancies of whichever mob you might belong to. Simply put, New Age Equality is an equal opportunity for all.

This book will challenge your concept of equality and your concept of India. Kapil deeply explores India and what it means for different people. Is it the land or the people; if it's the people, then which people? Who defines and completes India?

As you read through this book, some of this will get answered and what doesn't get answered will remain as an enquiry for the readers to define for themselves. And that's the beauty of it. You get to define it for yourself.