Gems of Buddhism

Pub. Date: 2009
Print ISBN-13: 9788175331815
Subject: Buddhism
Price: USD 60.00 USD 45

This book is the invaluable treasure of Buddhism, which has covered not only the different aspects of Buddhism and its preaching but also tried to show the ray of hope in bringing the reality over uncertainty and doubtful comments related to Buddhism. This book starts with the chapters entitled Relation between Reason and Authority and the Partityasamutpada-Hrdaya-Karika-Vyakhyana of Nagarjuna which are full of key features of Buddhism and concludes with chapter Sanskrit Boddha Vangmaya which is full of valuable impact and comments of yesteryears famous scholars of Buddhism on Sanskrit. Finally this has covered so many precious topics which are full of precise concepts, characterization and description that will not only be beneficial for the scholars but also for students.