Emergence of Eco-feminism and Reweaving the World

Pub. Date: 2011
Print ISBN-13: 9788175333154
Subject: Sociology
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Eco-feminism is a joining of environmental, feminist, and women's spirituality concerns. As the environmental movement along with environmental crises raised the consciousness of women to the decay of the earth, they began to see a parallel between the devaluation earth and the devaluation of women. Women began to see the link as not a false construction of weakness, but as a strong unifying force that clarified the violation of women and the earth as part of the same drama of male control. One of the areas where eco-feminism is found lacking in the traditional paradigm of social movements is the area of action. The common view is that social movements engage in protest and direct action; however, eco-feminism calls for consciousness raising, healing, and a communion with nature. There is little direct action. Some call for concern and to be involved in crucial issues. Others call for intellectual work to form a holistic conception of eco-feminism.