Eco-Environment and Global Biodiversity (2 Vol)

By: Reena Mohanka, Reena Mohanka
Pub. Date: 2008
Print ISBN-13: 9788175331204
Subject: Environmental Studies
Price: USD 150.00 USD 112.5

Eco-environment plays an important role in combating desertification, preventing erosion problems, other protective erosion problems, climate change and acting as carbon reservoirs and sinks. The vital role of Eco-environment in protecting fragile ecosystems, watersheds and freshwater reservoirs and as storehouses of rich biodiversity should be recognized and contain not only woody species and wild animals but also a wealth of other species of actual or potentially socio-economic importance at the global, national and local levels, including wild relatives of important crop species. Basically this volume of Eco environment deals in the issues and causes of pollution of environment and its impact on nature and humans and the measures that are taken on a global basis to prevent Eco environment. This book is a sincere effort of the authors to provide compiled information on the subject.