By: Asoke Kumar Saha
Pub. Date: 2022
Print ISBN-13: 9788192769479
Subject: Psychology
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This book is an outcome of a major review on deprivationand social comparison started from 1950s and onward. This present book has described the introduction of deprivation,different theories of relative deprivation, relative deprivation and social movement, Bowlby’s psychological understanding ofdeprivation, Augustine’s views of deprivation, social deprivation, relative and absolute deprivation, theoretical construct of relative deprivation, definition of relativedeprivation theory, cultural deprivation, political deprivation,economic deprivation, critical analysis of deprivation studies, and deprivation of liberty and its critical understanding in relation to social, economic and political deprivation. The book also discussed the consequences of deprivation and socialcomparison along with examples and reality in different culture and geographical locations.

The book also focuses on the relative deprivation of Hindusamong different caste systems (Brahmin and Sudra) in Bangladesh. The results provided confirmation to all hypothesesformulated. It was found that regardless of sex and residentialbackground, Brahmin participants expressed higher gratification and Sudra participants expressed higher deprivation. A two-way interaction involving caste and sex was statistically significant. A three-way interaction involving caste, sex and residential background was also statistically significant. Brahmin male participants expressed significantly higher gratification as compared to female participants. Whereas Sudra male participants perceived significantly higher fraternal relativedeprivation as compared to female participants.