Climate Change : Changing Dimensions Of Law And Policy

By: Stellina Jolly, Amit Jain
Pub. Date: 2009
Print ISBN-13: 9788175332300
Subject: Environmental Studies
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"Climate Change : Changing Dimensions of Law And Policy" analyzes the global legal response to Climate change. Different chapters have thrown light on the policies, rules, regulations issued by different countries especially India on Climate Change. It covers the adequacy, deficiencies and challenges associated with Climate Change policy. Book is written in a simple language to cater to the mainstream readers. First chapter talks about development of international climate change regime and India's role in international Climate change discourse. Subsequent chapters highlight global response to climate change by discussing various policies and legislation on Solid waste, Renewable energy, solar policy etc. Finally, book brings the response of civil sector to climate change. It discusses Green Consumerism and response of mainstream India especially the middle class to climate change policies.