Child Trafficking : An Unconscious Phenomenon

Pub. Date: 2009
Print ISBN-13: 9788175332140
Subject: Sociology
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The trafficking of people, particularly that of children has become a global phenomenon according to a UNICEF UK report. Children are being treated like a commodity on the black market. Sometimes they are simply relocated within their own country. More often they are moved across borders. They are sold for purposes like forced labour, prostitution, pornography, organ removal, or even as child soldiers. They are in high demand as cheap domestic labour, for farm work, and especially for sexual exploitation. Some girls, as young as 13 years of age, are sold as mail-order brides where they are isolated abused, raped, and subjected to various forms of torture. Various methods are used by traffickers to recruit their victims. The vast majority are trapped in more subversive ways, traffickers promising children or their families a better life and the offer of "respectable"work before "selling" them on into domestic service, sweat shop labour or brothels many miles from home or even across borders. Traffickers target poor rural areas in particular.