Child Labour : Problem And Policy Implication

By: Dr Lata Kaushal
Pub. Date: 2009
Print ISBN-13: 9788175332126
Subject: Sociology
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The problem of child labour continues to pose a challenge before the nation. Government has been taking various pro-active measures to tackle this problem. Considering the nature and magnitude of the problem a gradual and sequential approach has been adopted to withdraw and rehabilitate child labour beginning with the children working in hazardous occupations. The problem of child labour requires to be dealt through sustained efforts over a period of time. The Government is committed to eliminate child labour in all its forms and is moving in this direction in a targeted manner. The multipronged stratedy being followed by the Government to achieve this objective, but being inextricably linked with poverty and illiteracy it cannot be solved by legislation alone, and that a holistic, multipronged and concerted effort to tackle this problem will bring in the desired results.