Buddhism In South Asia

Pub. Date: 2009
Print ISBN-13: 9788175331679
Subject: Buddhism
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This book is about Buddhism in South Asia. How Buddhism started in this part of the world and later spread across the world, this book covers these topics. Buddhism originated in this part of the world and is the state religion of the countries like Sri Lanka and Bhutan and Buddhists are in good number in other South Asian countries. This book starts with the introduction of Buddhism and further traces the development of Buddhism in South Asia along with its branches and schools. The thoughts of Buddhism, early literature of Buddhism, Philosophy of Buddhism, Buddhism in modern century, spreading of Buddhism to the west and other aspects of Buddhism are the key components of its characterization and description. These topics are covered in elaborative and meticulous manner and language has been kept simple which is easy to understand. We expect that the present book will be very useful for the scholars who want to read and know about the Buddhism in South Asian countries.