Biological, Psychological and Social Foundation of Sex Roles

By: R Verma
Pub. Date: 2011
Print ISBN-13: 9788175333550
Subject: Sociology
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Gender has several definitions. It usually refers to a set of characteristics that are considered to distinguish between male and female, reflect one's biological sex, or reflect one's gender identity. Gender identity is the gender(s), or lack thereof,a person self-identifies as; it is not necessarily based on biological sex, either real or perceived, and it is distinct from sexual orientation. Many anthropologists claim that males hold formal authority over females in every society. Although the degree of masculine authority may vary from one group to the next, males always have more power. For some researchers, this unequal male-female releationship is the result of biological inheritance. The world today has changed in many aspects of gender related life style. Yet there is an area of improvement in the focus of gender: based on labour and the patriarchial working woman. The class society has a great impact on the behavious women carry out. The different theories and definitions help to explain the realationship of the construction of the gender. Feminism has a great impact on the gender role in our society. Feminists have been fighting for a long time for power and control in this man's world.