International Encyclopaedia of Terrorism Law (2 Vol)

By: Sanjay Singh
Pub. Date: 2009
Print ISBN-13: 1988175331785
Subject: Terrorism
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We accept that terrorism does constitute a serious threat to World's national security and that criminal and other laws are needed to respond to this threat. However, the capacity of such laws to deter terrorism should not be overstated, and World's legal response must not be disproportionate to that threat. It should be consistent with fundamental human rights and the rule of law. The two main drafting methods used to define terrorism are the general and the specific approaches. The specific approach identifies certain activities as terrorism, such as hijacking and taking hostages, without seeking to define a general category of terrorism per se, while the general approach seeks to arrive at a general definition of terrorism, by reference to criteria such as intention, motivation, and so forth.The former is essentially an inductive approach, while the latter is deductive. This 2 volume encyclopaedia is prepared for all those related with national security, defence services and for all those personal dealing for the security of the nation.