Ethics Without God

By: A K Mishra
Pub. Date: 2010
Print ISBN-13: 9788175332829
Subject: Religion
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From all over the world, peace has been invoked as a universal value that everybody should accept independently on his or her culture, religion, and political views. Even God's credibility has been called into play : the true God, People said, cannot be a war-monger. The Collective moral conscience seems therefore animated by the conviction that the moral law is independent on the will of God, which is perceived as binding only as far as it prescribes what we already consider as our duty. From this viewpoint, the intervention of God is necessary because of the human incapability to realize what, even without God, is recognized as morally good. The importance of the theme of communication in today's ethics cannot be overestimated. Less frequent, but perhaps decisive, is the attention to the theological assumptions required by a correct foundation of an ethics of human communication. The statement concerning the existence of God is postulated before the highest good, which consists of both moral virtue and happiness - whereas moral virtue is the supreme good; the uniting of virtue and happiness is the highest good.