Environmental Degradation and Protection (2 Vol)

By: K K SINGH, A K SINGH, Alka Tomar, Vinod Singh
Pub. Date: 2007
Print ISBN-13: 9788190455138
Subject: Environmental Studies
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The Problem of degradation of environment due to excessive and reckless exploitation and unscientific management of natural resource has emerged as a challenge at the global level. The soil, water and air serve as major abiotic environmental sinks for the pesticides, industrial effluents, urban wastes and radioactive wastes. The Pollution of these abiotic components, ultimately, endangers the very survival of modern civilization. Thus, abatement of environmental degradation and protection of natural resources in an absolute imperative for attaining the goal of sustainable development. The present book provides a comprehensive and authoritative account from viewpoints of ecology, toxicology, chemistry, botany, biochemistry, soil science and biotechnology as well as impact of environmental degradation on man and biosphere. It contains chapters on various aspects of environmental degradation, technologies for resource conservation and equipments and tools for restoration of degraded ecosystems. The book contains 19 chapters. It has been divided into two volumes. It serves as a unique reference material on the state of art of the enviromental degradation and its conservation. It contains chapters that are thought provoking and yet presented in readable from