Encyclopaedia Of Indian Art And Architecture

Pub. Date: 2009
Print ISBN-13: 9788175331860
Subject: Arts
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Indian art and architecture is a very wide field in itself to study. There are many types of architectural and art forms found in India. This book is an attempt to trace Indian art and architecture in a simple way. This book starts with an introduction of architecture because it is important to understand what architecture is and what types of architectural styles are there. After this introductory chapter on architecture, this book has many other chapters like Indian art and architecture, types of Indian architecture, Hindu art and architecture, Buddhist art and architecture, Islamic art and architecture, Jain and Sikh architecture etc. A separate chapter traces the philosophical content of Indian architecture and it concludes with a chapter on contemporary architecture. This book is an endeavour in providing students with sound information on Indian art and architecture and we expect that this work will be appreciated.