Crop Improvement: An Integrated Approach

By: C P Malik, Gulzar S. Sanghera, Pushp Sharma
Pub. Date: 2013
Print ISBN-13: 9788175334564
Subject: Agriculture
Price: USD 50.00 USD 37.5

The present volume titled CROP IMPROVEMENT: AN INTEGRATED APPROACH has 10 chapters divisible in three disciplines. The first discipline deals with biotechnology; includes Crop Improvement in sustainable way through genomic intervention; Advances in hybrid rice technology through application of genetic engineering; Nuclear and organelle specific markers with specific emphasis on chloroplast and its uses in genetic analyses.Assessing morphological,Biochemical, utility and molecular diversity in Coriander (Cariandrum Sativum L.) the status of crop improvement in seed species. The second discipline Physiology deals with Translocation of Photoassimilates, Carbon partitioning and Crop Productivity and Recent Advances in photosynthesis for enhancement of crop productivity: Morphological, Physiological and Biochemical response in Plants subjected to salt stress last chapter Summarizes Utilization of Nanotechnology in Crop Improve. The book will cater to needs of postgraduates specializing in plant breeding genetics, Plant physiology. crop breeding, biotechnology and nano biotechnology, Especially intersted in crop improvement.